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Central Heating

Do you have an outdated heating system or are your radiators in need of replacement radiators? You may even need to extend your heating system for a new extension or project.

Updating a heating system may just seem like you need to run some new pipes or add a radiator in a new location. When considering carrying out this kind of work you will need to think about the size of your boiler and how many radiators are already on the current system. Checking this will be part of our site survey process to make sure the system is correct and able to create the heat you require.

Heating your home may seem simple. But having an efficient heating system that heats your home and saves you money is what's important. Looking at your property as a whole, taking into account such things as building material and age will all play a huge part in what needs to done.

Central Heating Repairs

Have you managed to put a nail through a pipe? Or has a joint started leaking? Maybe your raditor has a hole in it. This can be an extremely stressful time and cause damage to ceilings or your property.

The first thing you will need is a way of making your heating system safe and to stop any more water damage. We will help immediately by guiding you through how to isolate and make things safe.

One of our specialist heating engineers will get to you within our rapid reaction time to carry out a repair where needed and get your home back to normal.

Central Heating Installation

Have you decided to build an extension? Maybe you've just bought a new house or are in need of an additional radiator in that room that never heats up properly.

Central heating is the heart of all modern homes and vital to be comfortable. There are many different types of central heating system that exist and when it comes to pipe work over the years there has been a lot of different sizes and ways to connect them.

For a new central heating system we would advise what is called a two pipe system, and for additional radiators or extensions to your central heating one of our heating engineers will need to carry out a site survey to find out which type of system and what size pipes you have. This will allow us to decide on the correct installation process and have your home heated in the most efficent way, helping create your comfort.

Central Heating Upgrades

If you find that your home is using way too much gas and electric it may be worth considering looking to your central heating and what controls it. There are many ways that a central heating system with the correct energy efficient controls can save you money.

The first step is to identify what you have and what you don't have. Below we've listed an easy bullet point check list to help you see if you could benefit from a central heating upgrade:


All of these things can be additions to your heating system and save you lots of money when installed correctly. If you need any advice on what these look like or how these can benefit your home and reduce long term energy wastage please get in touch and we will be more than happy to have a friendly chat.

Smart Thermostats

You may be looking to change your old thermostat (which seems to do a great job) but have seen or heard about smart thermostats. These are thermostats which can be controlled through your phone, iPad or desktop or your really cool Amazon Alexa (said very quietly) so not to trigger her off. Sorry but we've all been there were someone accidentally triggers your smart speaker.

These devices link to the internet and do numerous things through the software to bring on your heating system. Whether it's a set proximity, temperature, time or on your way back from holiday these are a great addition. We have partnered with Nest learning thermostat as our primary smart thermostat but can fit any of your choice and will walk you through your new energy efficient gadget.

Nest smart thermostats.

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